KS3 MFL - Ark Royal

KS3 MFL - Ark Royal

Ark Royal have had a busy time experiencing everything French. Pupils have engaged in lots of fun themed activities and we have had a great time.

In our first session pupils built their own Eiffel Towers using just marshmallows, cheese and bread! Some of these were not the most stable of structures due to pupils snacking on the key foundations … Olivia and Lois were the main culprits of this!

In our second session pupils practiced singing ‘Let it Go’ in French – ‘Liberee, delivree’! Harriet thought this was very funny, giggling away. Ollie danced to the beat of the music and Callum shook his shaker. This was an enjoyable session and pupils worked well listening to the French language.

In our final session pupils helped make a cheese fondue. Woody and Aurora took turns mixing the ingredients together and Byron watched as the mixture turned into a thick, stretchy mozzarella. Pupils enjoyed tasting the fondue using different dippers including sticks of bread, chocolate and vegetables.

We can’t wait to take another trip to France next year!