Lower Primary Stunning Start (1)

Lower Primary Stunning Start (1)

Lower Primary have started the year off well...

Lower primary really enjoyed using their ‘Busy Bodies’ to move and dance in different ways for our Stunning Start. Pupils had the opportunity to dance like ballerinas, move like tap dancers and even have a go at raving in the sensory room. For each type of dance we had the opportunity to explore the different music and dress up.

Puffin Class’s favourite activity was pretending to be ballerinas, where we made patterns with ribbons and span around as fast as we could! Some Puffins even had a go at using the ribbons when jumping on the trampoline to see what patterns they could make.  

Penguin class really enjoyed moving our bodies to the different types of music. We all loved exploring the loud dance music in the sensory room. We raved to the music whilst exploring the different lights and sounds. Some of us even dressed up in really bright colours which showed up when we turned the lights off.

Turtle class had lots of fun practising moving our bodies to the beat of the tap music. We all tried out some different tap dancer shoes and used them to make sounds with our hands and feet. Some of us moved the canes to follow the beat of the music.

All of lower primary are so excited about what else we will be doing during our ‘Busy Bodies’ topic.