Lower primary stunning start

Lower primary stunning start

everyone became enchanted characters.

This terms topic in Lower Primary is called Enchanted Tales. The topic will offer pupils the opportunity to sequence key events in a variety of magical tales, identify key characters and communicate their responses to a change that is magically occurring within their environment.


To launch this topic everyone became enchanted characters. Pupils in Puffin class selected colours to add to their mask, Turtle class wanted to add lots of glitter to make their masks magical whilst Sealion class wanted to become magical characters such as a princess, princess, genies and even a pirate.



Once their masks were made they followed a magical trail which lead them up the magical gravel path and through the cloud of bubbles to the enchanted garden (Sensory garden)

Pupils were then encouraged to try and find all the characters they will be learning about this term. Alongside the characters pupils found magical fairy dust, a fairy house and pirate treasure.


The afternoon was magical and has got everyone excited about the magical journey they will be taking this term through a range of enchanted tales,