Mary Rose has Got Talent 2015

Mary Rose has Got Talent 2015

This year the talent show was a glorious mix of singing, dancing and total entertainment. No expense was spared for the judging with Tom Jones, Cheryl Fernadez Versini and Craig Revell Horwoord casting their eyes over the acts and offering a critique.

Each key stage was represented, the final running order was:

KS1 – Elmer

KS2 – Old Spice

KS3 – Jacob and co

KS3 – ACDC Urban beats

KS4 – Wembley dance troop

KS5 – House of pain

We were also treated to a performance by the judges who sang the classic Delilah to the audience. A standing ovation greeted the final winners which were the sixth form with their ‘House of pain’ dance/ cheerleading act. Second place went to Jacob and co with their rendition of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’. I am sure that plans are already being made for next years talent show!