News from Key Stage 3 Spring 2016

News from Key Stage 3 Spring 2016

It was an action packed spring term with many different activities taking place throughout Key stage 3.

Adventure class performed a music and movement routine in the Sports Relief Assembly based on “Back to the Future”. The piece used three pieces from different decades and the pupils travelled through time to each one in Dr.Whos tardis!  They worked really hard on mastering all the moves and rhythms and were able to perform independently with minimal prompting resulting in a great performance. This photo shows Adventure practicing their piece in class

Several of the classes attended a Life With Art workshop. The classes worked together to create individual and personalised Viking shields to support our topic, storytelling through time. The pupils used a variety of resources to represent their personal preferences and great fun was had by all!

During the term we showed off our sporting skills at the Mountbatten centre in a Boccia tournament. After a quick group selfie, the pupils  braced themselves on the edge of their seats for a target ball sport competition known as Boccia against Trafalgar, Dove House, Baycroft and Redwood School. Intriguing tactics were used by our pupils to get close to the 'jack' or just knock out their​ opponents' ball and although we weren't winners we showed incredible skill! Congratulations to all the pupils  for taking part in the competition and making everyone very proud of them.

Fearless class particularly enjoyed the PMLD sports festival that we hosted in school.  They met up with other schools who came to take part in the fun.  They had chance take part in rebound therapy on the trampoline, and also had great fun taking part in target practise in the classroom.  Although if you ask some of the pupils the best part of the day was receiving their medial for good sportsmanship at the end of the day.

This term we have also  had the opportunity to learn outside the classroom! Some of the classes  have visited Fort Purbrook’s climbing centre each week and have worked hard to develop our climbing skills

In PSHE working with our friends  has been a key focus for us in our lessons. As class groups and as a key stage we worked together to participate in parachute games as part of sports relief. Group work has been a big part of this term and in science  we have been investigating stories from our topic exploring materials in each story. In groups we worked together to build our own constructions, using a mix of materials to make them strong and working as part of a team.

It was a very busy action packed Spring term and everyone had lots of fun!