PE and School Sport - Spring Term 2016

PE and School Sport - Spring Term 2016

The spring term has been extremely busy for pupils at Mary Rose Academy taking part in lots of exciting PE, Swimming and extra-curricular festivals, clubs and activities.

Pupils across the school enjoyed taking part in regular trips up to Fort Purbrook to take part in lots of adventurous activities including, archery, shooting, climbing, team work and problem solving activities.

Within school pupils in Key Stage 1 enjoyed developing their core skills through multi skills based activities focussing on creative movement based around Going to The Zoo. Key Stage 2 focussed on developing their confidence and skills in gymnastics and dance based around the Blue Planet. Key Stage 3 worked hard towards developing their dance and performance skills creating routines to set music developing dances .videos based around Story Telling Through Time. Key Stage 4 focussed upon developing their Leadership skills, including, communication, team work, turn taking and problem solving through taking part in lots of different physical challenges and activities. 6th Form worked developing their skills in a range of sports with a focus on Health and fitness.

Mary Rose was really pleased to hold our third PMLD Sport and Movement Festival of the year on January 27th. We welcomed 5 other schools to take part in a range of activities including, ball skills, sensory and fine motor skills, target games, table cricket and Rebound.

On February 24th we attended the Sport Hall Athletics at Mountbatten Centre as part of our preparation for the Special Olympics which was held on the 5th March at Mountbatten Centre. We took two teams and were really pleased to be placed 3rd and 5th in the schools competition.

We also enjoyed taking part in the Multi-Sport Ball Skills Festival at Southdown’s College and the Step Into Sport Leadership Days at Mountbatten Centre.

Residentials this term included our annual Ski trip to Italy where pupils had an amazing time on the snow making new friends and developing their skills and confidence on the slopes. Our other residential was a week at Calvert Trust in Exmoor. Pupils had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of outdoor adventurous activities including problem solving games, climbing, abseiling and adapted bikes.

We are really looking forward to this term with lots of exciting events coming up including, Rio Day, Water Sports Regatta’s and Sports Day to name a few!