Share a Story Assembly

Share a Story Assembly

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin……

This week we celebrated National Share a Story month in assembly. Firstly, as a whole school we shared the story of the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This story is about a beautiful fish with many shimmering scales who refuses to share his beauty with other fish and becomes very lonely. With the help of a wise old octopus he comes to realise that there is no point in being beautiful if no one wants to look at you and he learns to share his rainbow scales with the other fish.

We all enjoyed acting out the story, decorating our rainbow fish with glittering scales, exploring the dark cave where the octopus lives and then dancing around with our shimmering scales once the moral of the story had been revealed.

Then each class shared a story that they had chosen with another class. These ranged from ‘Going on a bear hunt’ to ‘The first hippo on the moon’. Each class had prepared props, costumes, sensory bags, food and actions to help to tell their story. This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to work alongside people that they don’t usually have the chance to do in a social situation and created many wonderful moments with lots of laughter, smiles and water sprays!

Hopefully the photos will give you an idea of the fun we all had and how creative our pupils and staff are!