Shout! Helping Children In Need

Shout! Helping Children In Need

Shout! representatives volunteered their time to join in with activities for Children in Need on Friday 16th November.

They all put themselves forward to either collect the sponsor money from classes, man the ‘Proper Big Pudsey’s’ on reception where pupils placed spare change in and on Pudsey pictures or to help with the cake sale over break time.


It took the class representatives an hour to go round to all the classes to collect the money, many pupils wanted to show off their spotty clothing for their £1 and some pupils used it as an opportunity to do some counting out of money.


The ‘Proper Big Pudsey’ was a success too. Pupils from all ages across the school worked together to explore the ways in which their spare change could fit into the Pudsey picture. We lost count of the amount of times the spare change was swept into a tray so new pupils with their money could fill up a new ‘Pudsey’ picture.


The cake sale was a huge success, with customers queuing down the corridor! The cakes were made and decorated in Food Studies lessons by secondary classes, so thank you to them for helping! People were generous with their contributions and almost all of the cakes sold in 45 minutes!


Well done Shout!