SHOUT - Thursday 4th February 2016

SHOUT - Thursday 4th February 2016

SHOUT Minutes: Thursday 4th February 2016


Minutes: Thursday 4th February 2016

Location: Mary Rose Academy - Meeting Room

Time: 12:15 – 13:15



Apologies: TS/BM/CR/KC/PE

Pupils enjoyed a working lunch break

Feedback from COPS – BRD/EL/KC+KT –

  • COPS was held at Portsmouth Grammar School – Wednesday 3rd February 2016
  • We played the Fruit Salad game as an ice breaker which was great, we were really pleased to see our friends from different school Student Voice Councils from across the City
  • Discussion 1 – The Council wants to give Student Voice Councils £500 to develop an area of their school to improve the learning environment. Student Voice Councils need to research which area of the school they would like to develop and present ideas to Heads. Pupils discussed which areas of the they thought they might like to improve – Kyle – our school vegetable garden / Boo – the swimming pool area / Emily – sensory lights in classroom
  • Action Groups – pupils divided into action groups from the last meeting. Boo, Kyle and Emily worked together with Angel and Dylan from Redwood Park and Ella and Amy from Milton Cross Academy within their group ‘Disability and integration’

Groups discussed what they thought problems were, how they might work to change issues and the impact any action might have within the school environment and local community

  • Lunch
  • Ice breaker – Honey I love you
  • Group presentations and discussions

SHOUT - Pupils divided into three groups for discussions -

  • RIO Day 2016
  • Pupils continued discussing which activities they might like to have / help organise and run as part of this year’s Rio Day
  • Ideas to be fed back to HR


  • How can we improve our school environment?
  • Following COPS meeting - £500 school environment improvement project
  • Pupils discussed different areas / aspects of the school – 6th form area – air conditioning in toilets, playground, allotment
  • Pupils to put together a questionnaire to ask pupils and staff at MRA to get more ideas for presentation

Sport Relief 2016

  • Theme for the day – Personal Best Challenges
  • Proposed date – 11/3/16
  • Group discussed which types of activities / events they might like to support for the day – games / races / art activities / music challenges / dancing
  • Off timetable to take part in challenges / Red themed fancy dress / non uniform

Date of next meeting – Thursday 3rd March 2016