SHOUT - Thursday 7th January 2016

SHOUT - Thursday 7th January 2016

SHOUT Minutes: Thursday 7th January 2016


Minutes: Thursday 7th January 2016

Location: Mary Rose Academy - Meeting Room

Time: 12:15 – 13:15


Present: KT/TJ/Tommy + BH/BRD/PE/OK/RHD/AJ/EL/KC

Apologies: RL/TS/BM/JB/CR

Pupils enjoyed a working lunch break discussing their Christmas break and New Year celebrations

Pupils divided into two groups for discussions -

How can we develop our playtime activities?

  • Pupils discussed current activities which they enjoyed – Boo likes trampolining, Ryan likes dancing to music in the playground, Perry likes playing skittles and football with his friends
  • SHOUT thought about why we need playground activities

Reasons given –

Ollie – to have fun!

Kyle – to make friends

  • SHOUT thought about which other activities they might like

Ideas – Cinema club, dance club, music club, art club at lunch times

Which activities would we like for Rio Day this year?

Ideas – party, carnival, music, party food / drinks, animals, rides, dancing, games

SHOUT could help by running activities, making food to sell during the day

Date of next meeting – February 4th at MRA Meeting Room