Sponsored Walk 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018

The walk begins...

The sun was shining for us on Friday morning as pupils and staff prepared for our annual sponsored walk. This year the sponsored walk featured the launch of our Team Competition. Staff and pupils looked amazing in their bright coloured Team t-shirts.

Team Earth in Green, Team Fire in Red, Team Ocean in blue and Team Sun in Yellow. During the morning pupils were class based creating team banners and keep sakes to signify their Team. Aidan and Boo from Wembley Class did a fantastic job helping to set up and sell cakes made by Adventure and Wembley Class to parents and carers who enjoyed a tea and coffee break before starting the walk.

At 11 o clock the whole school met on the secondary playground and took part in a big Team Warm up to music which was great fun! We had a big count down and then began the walk. Pupils carried their own lap cards to get stamped on each lap completed.

Harry and Bradley did a brilliant job of manning the water station to ensure that all competitors stayed hydrated as they took part in the big event.

The walk finished at12:00 and then in the afternoon we enjoyed a whole school celebration assembly to look at the highlights from the day.

We also gave special certificates from pupils that completed the most laps. In primary the award went to Alesha, secondary to Aidan and 6th Form to Jordan. Best effort awards went to primary – Sami, secondary - Abbey and 6th Form – Perry.

Laps were counted up and Team scores to start the year were collated.

In 4th place was Team Fire with 175 points, 3rd place Team Sun with 186 points, 2nd place Team Ocean with 191 points and in 1st place Team Earth with 206 points!

A brilliant day and great event. All funds raised are going towards developing our equipment for break, lunchtime and after school clubs. Thank you to everyone for their support and to all competitors for such fantastic effort and enthusiasm! Well done!!