Sports & Movement Festival

On Wednesday, I was a sports leader at Mary Rose Academy’s ‘Sport and Movement Festival.’

My job was to help our friends in wheelchairs. I picked up beanbags and balls after they had thrown them and I showed them around the school so they didn’t get lost. We also showed our new friends all the fun things to do in the soft play and sensory rooms. We did lots of sports; some of the activities were football skills, bean bags, trampolining and table cricket.

We ate lunch together with our new friends in the hall, it made me happy to have everyone together and all the leaders from Adventure and Discovery class told us about their favourite parts of the day:

Abbey ‘’played in the soft room, it was funny.’’ Jacob made “new friends’’ and Samir “helped with football skills and bounced on the trampoline.’’ Aymene “liked the big football.’’

It was good to help others!!


Written by Brandon Jacobs of Adventure Class.