Step into Sport Leadership Day

Step into Sport Leadership Day

We were very excited to attend this year’s Step into Sport Leadership Day at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth.

Kyle, Callum, Darren, Zoe, Jordan, Lenny, Marcel and Lily all arrived at the Centre at 9:45 ready to start the day listening to guest speaker and Olympic Medal winner Lesley Owusu.

We then made our way to the sports hall with our leaders for the day Aaron and George from Portsmouth College. We worked together with pupils from Noadswood School in the New Forest.

The first activity focussed on our communication skills and we took part in a game of ‘question bingo’.

The next task was a drawing game. We had to work together with a partner, sitting back to back and draw a picture. We then had to describe our picture to our partner and see if they could draw the same picture following our description which was really challenging!

Next we got into different groups. We had to work together with our new friends to set up a sports activity, for example, sitting volleyball and tennis. We then had to think of different ways that we could adapt each activity to make it easier or harder for our friends to take part which was lots of fun!

After lunch we had to work together to think of which skills help to make a good leader and event. We thought that a good leader should listen, communicate and like having fun! We thought that a good sports event should include lots of different activities, equipment, fun and lots of friends.

Following our day at Mountbatten we would like to plan a sports event for our friends in Primary.