Through the Keyhole

Through the Keyhole

This week Upper Secondary had their stunning start...

introduction to the new autumn topic ‘Through the keyhole’. We had an exciting range of different activities linked to the different rooms in the house and the pupils had great fun!

The kitchen saw the pupils investigating small kitchen equipment and making some interesting print work using the different shapes of the equipment. The best piece of equipment was the potato masher producing some intricate design work! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed designing and making a healthy fruit smoothie using the blenders and they got to drink them!

 The bathroom was a much more relaxing experience there was a bath spa with sensory lights and ambient music and a selection of aromatic oils to smell by candlelight. Pupils also had the opportunity to make a mini bath using preferred bath bubbles and the boys even had a pretend shave!

Awaiting in the lounge was a variety of different genres of music including some to dance to – as everyone likes to dance around their lounge! Pupils then had the chance to work in small groups to compose their own music to listen to the lounge- some chilled-out vibes by some and a much more upbeat tempo by others!

We are now thoroughly looking forward and ready to begin the topic with some very varied exciting learning opportunities ahead this term!