Wet and Wild at Albert Annexe

Wet and Wild at Albert Annexe

Music festival at Albert Annexe

We planned and delivered a music festival at Albert Annexe on the 22nd of March 2016, called Wet and Wild.

We made our own tie dye t-shirts to wear on the day.

We invited friends from Pioneer and friends from Mary Rose, both staff and students, we produce invites for them.

When our guests arrived, they received handmade lanyards, just like they would at a real festival.

At the festival we hand singers come to play music for us, we danced the whole time. There were different rooms with different activities to keep us busy.

We cooked different foods, hot dogs and noodles were cooked by Alison, our chef for the day!! We also had a smoothie station for our friends.

All of us enjoyed the day, and we hope our friends did too.

Thank you for everyone for their help and support with Wet and Wild!!!

Cassandra (student)